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Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process

From the Sand Core to the Customer Facility, we ensure all our products meet our customer’s expectations.

Our Production process is divided into six major steps.

Shell Process

D01 Sand Core

  • Core Making.
  • Core Finishing.
  • Core Assembly.

Gravity PM Process

D03 Foundry

  • Aluminum melt.
  • Chemical properties inspection.
  • Make casting.

Manual Finishing

D04 Finishing

  • Remove sand core, gates and runners.
  • Leak test.
  • Shot blast.
  • Sand blast.
  • Tumble deburr.

Heat Treat Solution Process

D05 Heat Treat

  • Solution process: T6, T61, T51.
  • Quench tank.
  • Aging treatment.
  • Mechanical properties inspection.

CNC Machining Process

D06 Machining

  • Machining Lathes and/or Milling centers.
  • Washing.
  • Assembly.
  • Outside process (paint, plating, anodize, etc.)

Customer Facility

  • Consignment facility.
  • Assembly facility.
  • Outsource facility.

We work our magic.

Permanent Mold Casting Design

Permanent Mold Casting Design

PLM forethought in the early design stage takes into account the optimum alloy selection for the task at hand. Wall thickness, fillets, and radii, parting line options, dimensional tolerances, shrink factors, and yield considerations are all addressed in the abstract, before tooling investments are committed.

PLM uses Inventor Mechanical Desktop in our Computer Aided Design and NX Unigraphic Computer Aided Manufacturing for our CNC programming.

Manufacturing Process

Shell Core Fabrication. Resin coated sand is utilized. This provides for a superior surface finish and aesthetic appeal while facilitating secondary processes such as plating, powder coating, anodizing, or painting.
Casting production – Molten Aluminum is poured via static, table top, or tilt pour technique. Theses are all used to control the speed with which molten aluminum is introduced around the core.
Core Removal-once the aluminum form solidifies the resin coated sand core is removed. Wheelabrator equipment is employed to insure 100% removal of the sacrificial sand core.

Shell Core for aluminum casting

Finished Air Compressor

Secondary Processing

A variety of surface finishes can be achieve via sandpaper grinding, shot blasting, wheelabrating, tumble and de-burring or hand polish finishing.
Heat treat at 1000°C for 6 hours then cold quench in water for a controlled interval
Machine shop adds additional product features. Mill capability to 0.001″, lathe capability to 0.0004″
Power wash with 85 psi at 80°C
Various assembly and or painting processes

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